Why Aurum?

Longevity ⋅ Focus ⋅ Independence ⋅ Philosophy

Longevity, focus, independence and a consistent philosophy are at the heart of how Aurum manages its business, research process and long-term investment strategy. They are qualities that form a solid foundation upon which success can be built.


  • 22 year track record
  • Proven ability to provide consistent, risk-adjusted returns across multiple market cycles
  • Our achievements have been consistently recognised by industry bodies and, importantly, organisations that represent our clients – with over 45 award recognitions given to Aurum over 22 years


  • Focused purely on alternative absolute return investing
  • Sole objective is to deliver a differentiated return stream
  • Offering a range of solutions that give investors access to thoughtfully considered investments that meet their individual objectives
  • Repeatable and time tested investment research process overlaid with a common sense approach to assess risk and opportunity


  • Independently owned business
  • Un-conflicted and open architecture
  • Flexible management style and structure:
    • promoting original and innovative thought
    • able to quickly respond to client needs
  • Dynamic in-house technology focus – creating advanced operational and client facing systems