Investment Philosophy

Delivering a differentiated return stream

At the heart of Aurum's investment philosophy is our objective to provide investors with a consistent return stream that shows a clear non-correlation to both equities and bonds. At Aurum we aim to take intelligent risk to provide resilient risk-adjusted returns over the long-term and across multiple economic and financial cycles, whilst placing a high priority on capital preservation.

Aurum's proven measures of success:

  • producing absolute risk-adjusted returns
  • consistency of returns
  • low volatility of returns
  • low correlation to traditional asset classes
  • navigating multiple market cycles

Aurum has not set out to be deliberately different but has found that applying this investment philosophy has resulted in a number of fairly unique performance characteristics.


< 3.0%
since inception*

% Positive Months

> 74%
since inception*

Compound Annual Return

> 5.6%
since inception*

Correlation to
MSCI World

< 0.25
since inception*

Correlation to

< 0.1
since inception*

Investors have an enormous amount of choice and when it comes to selecting alternative investments, their choice of manager should be based on achieving a truly differentiated return stream. This is Aurum's focus and we have a 24 year track record that proves our ability to consistently deliver on this objective.

Applying this investment philosophy means that there are strategies and investment approaches that are deliberately excluded. These include being long-biased to the market and being reliant on carry or yield to enhance results.

By excluding investments correlated to the market, our portfolios provide a more consistent return stream with a high proportion of positive months.

Aurum's investment solutions can complement a traditional portfolio of bonds and equities. Our thoughtful and focused alternative investment solutions have proven that an investment with Aurum can be beneficial to our clients' portfolios.

* Source: Aurum Funds Limited
MSCI World Total Return (Net) Index USD
 Barclays Global Aggregate Bond Index USD

Results presented are of one of Aurum's long-standing commingled offshore funds. Funds such as these, which should be regarded as high risk and are not subject to the benefit of any compensation arrangements, are only available to persons having professional experience in matters relating to investments in unregulated collective investment schemes. Results are presented for informational purposes only and are not to be relied upon as investment, legal, tax or financial advice. Trading performance is not guaranteed and past performance is not indicative of future results.